How can we help?

Where can I change my email address connected to my user account?
How to check my credit balance
Do you know if I can add as caption in my videos my website domain for TikTok, IG and Youtube?
What are the brand kits? How do we use this and what are they for?
Where can I see how many videos/minutes/credits are left? Would be nice to have this overview in the dashboard.
Where I can find my credit renewal date?
I would like to confirm if all the music available on your platform is fully copyrighted and cleared for use across all social media platforms.Please let me know this.
Why is the amount of videos i create limited
Is that free?
How can I change my email
May i know my credit every month what date will be refreshed back?
How To Add Team member?
Hello what does the 200 gb cloud storage mean? and are we able to delete the videos we made to clear up the cloud storage
what is the number maximum of characters for create a video ?
How do you delete a video
Can I add team members to Zebracat?
What customer support response times can I expect, especially during off-peak hours or weekends?
How does Zebracat handle different aspect ratios for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc.?
How can I get the most out of Zebracat for marketing purposes?
What are the resolution and quality of the videos?
How user-friendly is the platform for non-tech savvy users?
What if I only need Zebracat for a short amount of time?
Should I have prior experience as a designer or video editor to use this tool?
Do I need any special software or equipment to use this tool?
How does Zebracat differ from other text-to-video and text-to-video tools?
How does Zebracat handle multilingual content creation?
How can I ensure my videos comply with various platform guidelines?
Can I see a demo of Zebracat before subscribing?
Can I use Zebracat for educational purposes?
How can I manage multiple projects on Zebracat?
Does Zebracat offer watermark-free videos?
Can Zebracat generate animated videos?
What industries does Zebracat cater to?
What type of AI technology does Zebracat use?
What are the system requirements to use Zebracat?
What happen when I used all monthly credits?
With this Zebracat Can I get Monetized on Youtube?
How to change the frame rate of the video?
Why is there a watermark in my video and how to remove the watermark?
How to translate the Zebracat interface into my language?
Does Zebracat have a mobile app?
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