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How do you make sure Zebracat’s AI is used ethically?

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As we pioneer AI-driven video generation technology for marketers, our guiding principle remains consistent: Ethics first. No exceptions.
Our platform is designed to elevate, not manipulate. We focus on creating tools that facilitate genuine storytelling and add value to human interaction, steering clear of any uses that might deceive or mislead.
Respect for Boundaries: Given the potential risks associated with AI in marketing, we actively ensure our algorithms operate within ethical parameters.
Commitment to Transparency: We are proactive in sharing how our technology works, the safeguards in place, and the ethical guidelines we follow. It's not just about what the technology can do, but what it should do.
Content Authenticity Initiative: We are proud members of the Content Authenticity Initiative, along with leaders like Adobe, Nvidia, and Microsoft. This collaboration keeps us aligned with ethical best practices and reinforces our commitment to responsible use of AI.
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