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How to integrate brand assets?

Learn to seamlessly incorporate your brand assets into various platforms and materials to maintain a consistent and recognizable brand identity.

  • Step 1: Choose 'My Brand Kits' from the top left corner.
notion image
  • Step 2: Click 'Create New Brand' at the top right corner
    • notion image
Then, a table named 'Brand Information' will appear where you can fill in the details of your brand.
  • Step 3: Fill in your brand information: Brand Name, Website, Services Offered, Target Audience, and whether your Brand Voice is friendly or humorous. Next, upload your logo. Click 'Create' and your brand asset will be integrated into Zebracat.
    • The more detailed the information about your brand, the better Zebracat can generate videos with a consistent brand voice for you.
      If you need any assistance, please contact our 24x7 ZebraHelp accessible in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at [email protected] 😍
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