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What types of videos can I make with Zebracat?

Discover the variety of videos you can create with Zebracat, including social media clips, ads, and tutorials, tailored for marketing success.

With Zebracat, you can create a variety of video formats tailored to your marketing needs and platform specifications:
  • Vertical Short-Form Videos (9:16): Perfect for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Stories, Facebook Reels, etc.
  • Horizontal Long-Form Videos (16:9): Ideal for YouTube or Facebook videos.
  • Instagram Posts (1:1): Optimized for Instagram feed compatibility.
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You can choose to create these videos using either AI-generated visuals or stock footage. For AI-generated footage, Zebracat offers a wide range of styles, including:
  • 3D Model
  • Anime
  • Line Art
  • Lowpoly
  • Origami
  • ...and many more.
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This flexibility allows you to craft unique videos that align with your interests and enhance your brand's identity.
If you need any assistance, please contact our 24x7 ZebraHelp accessible in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at [email protected] 😍
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