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How does the Reward Center work?

Learn how's rewards program lets you earn credits for engaging activities, enhancing your use of our AI video generation platform.

Did you know you can earn free extra credits with Zebracat? 🎉
In our Reward Center you can now earn credits by helping us become a success and build an even stronger product and customer base.
You will be able to make more videos without spending anything!
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How to Earn Credits:
Step 1:
Leave a Review: Share your passion for Zebracat on G2 Crowd, Trustpilot, or Capterra and earn 20 credits per review.
Your feedback helps others find us easier.
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Step 2:
Verify Your Reviews: Upload a screenshot or link of your reviews on our portal.
Once verified, you’ll receive a notification and your credits.
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It’s as easy as that.
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