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Can you explain better the difference between "create video from text" and "from script"?

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Hey dear, here is the difference between two options: “Create Video from Text” and “From Script.”
The first option is 'Prompt': Transform a simple text prompt into a captivating video. Here, you type a simple prompt in text format if you don’t have a detailed script yet. Choose this option when you have an idea but don’t have time to write a script. With this, you just need to tell Zebracat a general idea, what you want to write about, who your target audience is, and what points you want Zebracat to highlight.
This option will save you time as you don’t need to write the script by yourself.
The second option is 'Script': Write or paste your script and turn it into a compelling video. Choose this option if you already have a detailed script and you just want Zebracat to visualize it in videos without altering your script.
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