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How can I edit my video?

Learn how to quickly and effortlessly edit your videos with Zebracat, utilizing automated tools for seamless cuts, transitions, and enhancements

You’re now in the editor: Your video is ready 🎉  Time to customize your creation!
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We know AI isn’t perfect so we made it super simple for you to customize and make some changes:
Swap out scenes:
If there's a scene you don't like - you can easily switch it out. First up, click on the scene you want to change. Then, choose from stock clips, generate a scene with AI or upload your own clips. After that, hit ‘Apply Footage'.
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Adjust the order of scenes:
To move a scene forward or backward in the video, click on the direction arrow at the bottom of the screen. ⬆️ to move forward, and ⬇️ to move backward. 
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Add another scene: In case you want to add another scene, click on the “Plus”symbol button at the bottom of a scene. Then you can choose a stock scene, re-generate another AI-generated scene, or upload your own footage. After that, hit ‘Apply Footage'.
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Change the voice over script:
In case you change your mind about the voice over script - here is the place to do so. Make edits and regenerate!
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Select different text effect:
You can choose between different text effects and you can also change the colour here. More options will be added soon! 
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Change the music:
You can change the music by using the search function or by going through various music categories. You may also want to consider optimizing the volume.
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Delete scenes:
If you want to delete any scene that you don’t like, click on “trash bin” symbol at the bottom of the scene to delete it.
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