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How credits work in Zebracat

Here you can learn how Zebracat calculates credits and how to optimize usage.

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Credits calculation 🧮
Example Scenario 🎥
Tips to optimize credits 💰
Zebracat's credit system charges users based on the specific features they use in their videos. Each component of the video creation process, such as AI voice overs or AI script writing, consumes a specific number of credits per minute of video.
To calculate the cost of a video, we simply add up the credits for each component used over the video’s length.
This system ensures users only pay only for the elements they use, making pricing as transparent and flexible as possible.

Credits calculation 🧮

Total Credits = Sum of individual service credits over the video’s length
  1. Stock media (video clips, music): Free (unlimited minutes)
  1. Ultra Realistic AI Voices: 4 credits per minute.
  1. Standard AI Voice: 1 credit per minute.
  1. First export of each video: free
  1. Each additional export of each video: 1 credit per minute
  1. AI Visuals: Image based videos: 5 credits per minute.
  1. AI Visuals: Infinite zoom: 8 credits per minute.
  1. AI Script Writing from a Prompt or URL: 0.5 credit per minute.
  1. Use Your Own Footage: 1 credit per video minute.

Example Scenario 🎥

Let's say you create a 2-minute video using AI visuals (Images) and Standard AI Voice:
  • AI Script Writing (0.5 credit/minute) x 2 minutes = 1 credit
  • AI Visuals: Images (5 credits/minute) x 2 minutes = 10 credits
  • Standard AI Voice (1 credit/minute) x 2 minutes = 2 credits**
  • Since it's the first export, it's free.
Total Credits: 13 credits

Tips to optimize credits 💰

  1. Check the voice over scripts: Ensure the script is exactly as you intend for the final video. Editing the text beforehand does not use extra credits, saving costs compared to re-generating the voice over later.
  1. Limit video length: More isn't always better. Opt for concise, direct scripts to save both your audience's time and your credits.
  1. Check out our reward center: Visit the Zebracat Reward Center where you can earn additional free credits for promoting Zebracat.
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